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Most reading this are probably from the first of the digital generations, and I came of age in that transition from analog to digital in all its forms. What this has allowed for me is to progress in my work to the point where photography, film, audio, music and graphics are all integrated. Over the years I've gained enough experience with all of these diciplines to provide a great mix of services to my clients, and still maintain a very high level of quality and artistry over the process.


I don't think of myself as a "jack of all trades" in media - rather I have moved through the various areas of media creation to the point where I want to create a level of integrated services for my clients based on continuous learning and fresh, new skillsets. My digital palette now incorporates photography, cinematography, editing, audio, and graphics. My tools are cutting-edge and mobile. I know when to call in reinforcements and expand a project's staff and size when necessary. In short, I am going to be professional, punctual, creative, and make projects both productive and fun for my clients.

about me

equipment comes and goes.
treating people right is forever.

What we do

Bill Vincent Media is focused on helping clients get cost effective media for whatever need they have.  As a media professional I don't promise what I can't deliver, and I stand behind my work.  In situations where a bigger crew is needed for a particular job, I can act as producer to find experienced crew to handle any size production.


What I bring to the table when it comes to media is that I know how to make things go smoothly, without issues and in a very professional way that respects everyone's time and money while on set, no matter what the location.  I also know how to deal with issues on set, in the editing room, and when it's time to deliver media to its destination.  In short, I'm experienced. I know how to treat clients and talent, and get the best out of them if they have to appear on camera.  I've been around the block a time or two and know how to get things done in a professional, time-saving and creative way - from being creative on the shoot, to being creative in ways to make the client more comfortable and relaxed throughout the process.  I've got your back.



New technology has given everyone a camera in their pocket and an editing system on their computer.


pocket notepads and pencils didn't turn everyone into authors.


New video technology doesn't make us all into great media producers.


know your strengths, and hire the rest.





Graphic Design

From capturing a moment with one frame or hundreds per second, BVM will get the shot, and get it right, whether live or in-studio.


Getting it right in-camera is my number one goal when shooting, and I use great tools to help insure consistency and quality for every shot, scene or still.

Creative ideas




The best time I can help you is when you are just thinking about something you can use from a media standpoint. Let me work with you and your team to come up with creative ideas that help drive your vision.

My editing capabilities are focused on the Adobe Creative Suite, from Adobe Premiere and After Effects to Photoshop and more.  Here's a highlight list of softrware I'm able to utilize when working on your project:


Adobe Creative Suite:




After Effects


In Design





Final Cut Pro 7 & X






Pro Tools




Cinema 4D

I believe in making media that serves a purpose.  Great media takes time and effort from everyone involved. From the moment an idea is born, I will be there to help you turn it into something that will help your business achieve what you are setting out to do.  I will also be up-front about when expectations may not be in line with what is possible within a given budget or timeframe.  In other words, I'm not going to promise you that I can make your video go "viral" and that you'll get a million hits on YouTube.  But if that is your goal and you are prepared to do what is needed to position your media so that it actually does have that chance, I'm here to help you succeed.  Whether you want media that informs, sells, teaches or brands, I'm here to help you succeed.

Need graphics for your media? I can work with your graphic artists or help you create your own for your project - just let me know.  I have experience in 2D and 3D graphic design, and when heavy hitter graphics are needed I can recommend the team members to help.

So much emphasis today gets put on gear - what kind of camera, what kind of edit system, etc... but the truth is, content is always the most important thing! Some of the best music of the last century was made with very modest recording gear from today's standards, and hasn't been bested yet. Having said that, I'm shooting with a cutting edge Sony FS700 rig that is capable of true HD broadcast quality (50MB per sec. 4:2:2) and a kit full of other great lenses, lights, and audio gear for the job. If a job requires more, I know where to get it for the best price.  I also have a Canon 5D MkII DSLR and several others as well - so whether "old school" true video camera, or DSLR, I've got you covered.

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